How to use PGP Key

In order to receive the information and items you provide to our group, as well as to prevent the release and theft of this information and further your security, we have provided a secure platform called GPG for the files and information you submit. How it works is as follows:

First go to and download the latest version of Gpg4win software.

Run the installation file and then click on the GPA option.

Download our public PGP key from HERE and save it to your computer.

Once the installation is complete, run Kleopatra.

Click on the import option in the desired software.

After selecting our public pgp key, a message will be displayed, in this step you must click on the yes option and in the next step click on the no option.

Close Kleopatra software and run GPA software.

In this step, select the File Manager option from the windows tab to encrypt your data.

Import your files in File Manager.

It is better to compress all the submitted files in RAR or ZIP format in one file and then import it into the program.

Click the ENCRYPT button.

Select the public key that you entered in the previous steps.

If you do not select the public key of our site, we will not be able to decrypt the information you submit.

A message confirming the entered information is displayed.

Make sure the information is correct and click yes.

Now, send us encrypted files.